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If you had enough power to make any wish come true, but only using one word, what would you say? 

This story is about a God called Lilith who has the power to create anything she desires by speaking a single word. Sadly, no one ever taught her how to use her power. She and her brother travel the world together, hoping to find answers. Their quest follows a very specific rule - they spend three months in a place. When the time is up, they have to move on.
When they stumble upon a strange group of people in a forest, the divine siblings uncover a mystery that may require more than their allocated three months in that area to untangle.

About the Author 

My name is Nina - I grew up and live in Moscow. Creating art and comics takes up most of my time.
Lilith's word is a story I invented in high school, but I didn't have the time or skills to bring the story to life until now. I hope this story will be as entertaining and meaningful to readers as it was to my high school self!