Posted February 2, 2018 at 09:46 am
UPD2 (26/07/2018): Hello everyone! Lilith's Word is still on hold because my life is pretty chaotic right now. I didn't abandon the webcomic, and the kickstarter and other activities are just postponed. You can always check twitter for more updates, but right now everything is kinda frozen. 

I'll get back as soon as I sort out... well, the Stuff.
It should be this autumn! 

UPD - Sadly, Dunfermline comic con was canceled under the weather circumstances. I received the news before attending the flight, and stayed home! Hope everyone stays safe in Scotland. 

Hello, everyone!
Bringing some news to keep you updated.

I've disappeared since the last update, that's because a lot of stuff going on at work at the same time! However, I'm trying to get back to Lilith's Word every spare second I have. 

The updates are on a break, but meanwhile I'm working on Lilith's Word books, prints, stickers and acrylic charms! If you're in UK, you can get them soon at Dunfermline comic con! (you can see me in the guest list on the DCC poster :))

Don't worry if you're not going there, you totally can get the books and merchandise later: we plan to run a Lilith kickstarter somewhere around May. I'm SUPER excited for it, and can't wait to prepare all the extra material for the kickstarter books! 

The rest of the pages for this chapter gonna be uploaded in March, because this month is going to be extra busy for me. 

That's it! Thanks for sticking around despite the messed up update schedule. Right now I'm working hard to make my life more stable, and maybe by the end of the year I'll finally be able work on Lilith full-time and run a patreon! (that's my ultimate goal and dream, haha!) 

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