Ch.1, 20
Posted Aug.07.17 at 06:08 pm

UPD2: I survived the deadline! Things were tough for me, but I'm getting back on 26(27)/08! Please, look forward for an update!


I'm trying my best I swear



UPD: here's a tiny piece of storyboard while I'm trying to catch up on updates! Real life and freelance are no jokes, always interfering with my personal projects. I have a major deadline on 21/08, until then I'm not sure what the schedule will be like! 



I'm finally back home! Feels good to have stable internet connection again 🎉

I hope the first panel doesn't look confusing. There's a lot of text, and when I tried to draw the background with Degu and Maria, they got covered by speech bubbles. So I decided to go with just gradients!

Have a good day! *flees away to draw a new page*