Ch.1, 19
Posted July 28, 2017 at 06:30 am

UPD2 - the next page will be out of schedule, bc it's the end of my vacation and we're travelling a lot between the cities. (and also the electricity went off... haha)

UPD - I made a tiny correction to the text. Ezra can't see ALL pure energy, just a "word" within Lilith. All the other energy is ridiculously weak compared to it.

(Btw I don't possess any extraordinary writing skills, so usually the answers are pretty simple 😅 Good job everyone who refers to the prologue for them)


I relocated to Montenegro for two weeks! Didn't want to miss any more updates, so I brought my laptop with me and now working from here 🏝 Vacation by day and back to work by night! :D

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